Laminate flooring is an easy and quick way to upgrade a room in your home. It is a great alternative to wood and besides its wood-like look, it does not attract termites and is easier to install as well. In a few steps, this easy to follow guide will show you how to lay laminate flooring and how to cut laminate planks so they fit in corners. 

1. Clean the Floor
Before laying the laminate, it is important to make sure that the floor is clean and doesn’t have any debris or dirt on it. Even the smallest piece of dirt can cause complications and create an uneven surface. 

2. Use the Underlay 
Once you have cleaned the floor, start laying down the underlay where you want to lay your first laminate boards. Doing so provides extra cushioning and absorbs noise. Make sure to cut the underlay to the correct length. 
3. Run a String Line
Now measure the width of the laminate board. Do not forget to add 10 mm for the gap between the first board and the wall. Hammer in the nail by marking the distance. Measure the same distance where you are going to lay the boards and put in a nail. Place a string line between two nails and tie the string tightly. 

4. Place the First Row of Boards
While placing the first board down, put a packer between the wall and the board to ensure there is a 10mm gap between the two. Put the next board in place and the packer between the wall and the board again. Repeat until the first row is completed. 

5. Cut the Boards and Start Second Row
Cut the board in half so that the joins in the boards aren’t aligned. Now start the next row with the cut board. Keep laying the boards to complete the row and click them into the side of the first row. If there is a gap between two rows, close it by using the hammer and knocking the side gently. 

6. Lay More Boards
Continue putting more boards into rows to cover the space. Ensure that the boards are clicked into each other to cover the gap. Also, make sure that the board at the end of the rows are not of the same length. 

7. Mark the Board to Fit in the Corner
Put the board against the corner and measure where the board meets the wall and add an extra 10 mm for the gap. Mark the width to be cut and cut the board properly to fit the corner. Use safety gear while doing so. 

Tools Required
1. Hammer
2. Safety Glasses
3. String Line
4. Nail Gun
5. Pencil and Ear Muffs
6. Tape Measure
7. Dust Mask
8. Jigsaw and Knee Pads

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