Best Herringbone Flooring Service

Herringbone flooring

Herringbone flooring is similar to chevron flooring in appearance, except that herringbone flooring is made up of rectangle boards. Chevron boards, on the other hand, are cut at an angle.

We assume that a driveway or floor has a timeless natural elegance at Kildare Carpets and Flooring. It can completely transform a space, adding touches of luxury and class to any design, whether it’s modern-rustic, traditional, or even minimalist. A wooden floor should, in our opinion, provide comfort, durability, and splendour, as well as produce a unique look in every room due to its natural knots and beautiful imperfections. As a result, we only sell high-quality, long-lasting wood to our customers in various finishes, colours, and woods to fit every taste and style. Our employees define our workplace culture. Our business is propelled forward by its optimistic attitudes and desire for excellence.

They are Beautiful for Your Home.

Herringbone is a popular parquet pattern. The angular patterns have a distinct look that goes well with flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, and jewellery. This appealing pattern will complement a wide range of homes with such exceptional versatility, adding a touch of class to any bed. This decorative flair is combined with a specially designed surface, manufactured with durability in mind in our Herringbone engineered wood flooring. You will appreciate the bespoke look of Herringbone for a lifetime thanks to a wear-resistant solid wood veneer and a solid and durable foundation!

The Advantages of Herringbone Flooring

Although Herringbone is visually appealing, the small block design’s intricacies have historically been prohibitively expensive. Complex patterns are now cheaper to manufacture and more straightforward to install, thanks to advancements in flooring technology. In addition, the board’s compressed wood structure provides increased structural stability. Engineered planks are not prone to warping and movement when exposed to humidity and moisture since the internal layers of wood run perpendicular. As a result, you’ll be able to use your herringbone pattern in kitchens, underfloor heating, and in direct sunlight!

The Choices you Get for Herringbone Flooring.

Kildare Carpets and Flooring is committed to delivering the most beautiful items every time. Following consultations with interior design experts, we’ve discovered that Herringbone works best when combined with conventional grains and elegant textures. As a result, our herringbone engineered wood flooring includes solid oak or walnut wear layer. You can rest assured that your home will have the finest flooring available on the market with two bespoke species options.

Our engineered flooring is available in various colours, shades, and thicknesses so that you can find the perfect match for any room in your house. We also have an extensive range of accessories available to help you keep your new flooring looking as lovely as the day it was installed!